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8 Best Employee Retention Software to Maintain Employee Satisfaction

Boost morale in your workplace with the support of key retention tools. Which is a good fit for your tech stack?

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Modern-day employees aren’t interested in a job for life. They’re famous for hopping from company to company in search of their next exciting opportunity. By doing so, they enjoy a rich and fulfilling career, picking up diverse skills, experiences, and qualifications along the way. 

The problem? This pattern of constant arrivals and departures is expensive and disruptive for companies. That's why savvy employers go the extra mile to engage and retain their existing employees, offering them everything they need to progress their careers within the organization. Employee retention software is a big part of the puzzle, offering innovative ways to entice your team members and improve your company’s employe retention rate.

This guide introduces eight of the best employee retention software options, including pricing, G2 reviews, and main features. 

8 best employee retention tools

In no particular order, here’s an honest look at eight popular platforms that take different approaches to engaging and retaining employees. 


Motivosity is a rewards and recognition platform that companies like Toyota, Bosch, and KPMG use to recognize each other publicly. Alongside this appreciation, the platform’s #Thanksmatters cards enable recognition recipients to redeem dollars from a fully customizable store. For example, employers may add company swag, products, or custom rewards such as a car wash from the CEO. 

Pricing: Motivosity offers transparent pricing based on your organization’s number of users. The Recognition & Rewards module is $4 per user/mo, and reports are available through Employee Insights for $2 per user/mo. 

G2 score: Motivosity receives 4.7 out of 5, with one mid-market user highlighting: 

“Motivosity allows you to instantly show gratitude to team members in your company. Your company can grant a certain allotment of Motivosity coins to team members each month, and they use these ‘coins’ to recognize each other for exceptional work. People find it super motivating when colleagues send them a message and some Motivosity ‘coins’ they can spend on whatever they like—just like using a regular debit card.”

While many user reviews are positive, the platform’s novelty factor can wear off. User Drew L. explains, “Over time it can become stale and forgotten in the organization, or at least people aren’t as excited about using it as they first were.”


Nectar enables employees to send public appreciation to anyone in the organization, with Nectar points and a company core value attached. These messages of praise display in a social feed that integrates with other tools in your tech stack, such as Slack or Teams. Employees then redeem their Nectar points for a range of rewards, including Amazon products, gift cards, charity donations, branded company swag, and custom rewards. 

As an extra engagement strategy, you can use the Challenge feature to incentivize employees to complete health and wellness challenges, post regularly on LinkedIn, or update their health and safety training. 

Pricing: Nectar’s Standard plan starts at $2.75 per user/mo for access to peer recognition capabilities, while the Plus plan starts at $4 per user/mo, providing access to company branding, HRIS and SSO, and more. Discounted pricing is available for organizations with 500+ employees, and SHRM members also receive a 10% discount. 

G2 review: Nectar, whose customers include Calendly, Heineken, SEGA, and Statista, receives 4.7 out of 5 from the G2 community. Kristy S., a CHRO and Marketing SVP, says: 

“Nectar is an easy and fun way to allow for employee recognition within your organization. Our employees love to give and receive points as they share shout-outs about the impact another team member has made. As an employer, I like the automation of recognizing milestones electronically for anniversaries and birthdays and the promotion of our Core Values in each post. The fact that we can connect directly to our payroll/HRIS system for automatic feeds to add and remove employees makes it very simple to administer. The usage of this platform by our team remains very strong after over 2 years of implementation.”


Bonusly is another example of a recognition platform used by companies like Workday, Qualtrics, Headspace, and Care.com. The premise is to build a positive, connected culture filled with engaged employees who appreciate and respect each other. Peers can give points to each other, which the recipients may redeem for digital gift cards, company swag, cash-out options, custom rewards, or donations. 

Pricing: Bonusly offers a free trial followed by the Pro plan, charged at $5 per user/mo, plus the cost of your rewards. Custom pricing is also available for organizations requiring a dedicated support team, custom HRIS integrations, and manager training. 

G2 review: Bonusly receives a 4.8 out of 5 score with the G2 user community. The platform is more expensive than other reward and recognition programs but has a loyal fan base. One user writes: 

“We began using Bonusly as a means of rewarding our team members in a more tangible way— in place of the proverbial pat on the back. We have allowed all team members to become a part of the recognition process; it is inclusive and allows every contribution to be recognized by a team member.”

However, some reviewers feel the pressure of composing their own recognition messages: 

“The thing I like least about Bonusly is that everyone can see what I write, and sometimes I have no clue what to write. I feel it would help if we actually had some examples of what to say.”


QuizBreaker is a multi-tool engagement platform. It offers icebreaker quizzes, escape rooms, and multiplayer trivia tools to encourage bonding between team members. Similarly, QuizBreaker’s approach to recognition features a wall of kudos where peers can celebrate and thank each other. Leaders can also use the built-in pulse surveys to gain real-time, reliable engagement data to understand how initiatives impact workers in their daily roles. 

Pricing: QuizBreaker offers a 21-day free trial of both its price plans. QuizBreaker Essential costs $39/mo for up to 100 users, while QuizBreaker Enterprise is $249/mo for unlimited users, including SSO and priority support. 

G2 review: QuizBreaker hasn’t been rated by the G2 community. However, its customers include big names like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Glassdoor, and Philips. 

Workleap Officevibe

Workleap Officevibe is loved by customers like Dyson, Siemens, Trivago, and IKEA, which use its series of tools to engage, recognize, and drive performance in their organizations. Officevibe’s feedback suite includes pulse surveys, engagement surveys, anonymous feedback, onboarding surveys, and DEIB surveys, enabling you to make data-backed decisions. 

The platform’s employee performance management system also includes flexible tools to design a tailored development process that meets your organization’s needs. If that wasn’t enough, Officevibe boasts a recognition feature enabling employees to send customized messages to each other. 

Pricing: Workleap Officevibe offers a free plan to access all features for 14 days, with no credit card required. The Essentials plan starts at $3.50/user/mo for unlimited data history, reporting, and engagement focus areas and action plans. 

G2 review: Workleap Officevibe scores 4.3 out of 5 with the G2 user community. Elisabeth H., a Director of Member Support and Training, raves about the trust elevation Officevibe has delivered in her company:  

“The team trusts the anonymity of the platform, which means they give us honest feedback. I LOVE the ability to have conversations about tough feedback while the sender remains anonymous—lets me dig into the issue instead of trying to guess what is going on. The ‘Good Vibes’ feature is amazing, and the team loves it—we are seeing twice as many peer-to-peer recognitions each month as we were with our older solution. The ability to dig into engagement metrics is invaluable, and the custom survey tool also lets us get information we really need from our team. Our participation metric for the Pulse surveys has remained steady, and the percentage of anonymous feedback has decreased over time (while the amount of feedback has remained steady), which tells me we are building trust. OfficeVibe has been a game changer for us.”


CultureMonkey is an all-in-one platform dedicated to all aspects of employee engagement. Users can measure, analyze, and improve their workers’ engagement levels from one centralized location. Loved by customers like Bitwise, Navi, Taj, and many others, CultureMonkey provides everything you need to listen to your employees. From survey templates and engagement software to survey results dashboards and eNPS scores, it’s easy to piece together a complete picture of your employees’ sentiment and lifecycle. 

Pricing: Contact the vendor for an accurate quote. 

G2 review: CultureMonkey scores 4.7 out of 5 with the G2 user community. Mid-market user Pallavi D. describes the value of the platform’s reporting capabilities: 

“Culture Monkey has the most advanced dashboards that I have come across. There are customized reports and views available, split by manager level, locations, departments, and roles. The best feature is the manager-level cuts and the action planning where we can actively involve stakeholders and make them a part of the solution to improve engagement scores across the org.”


Connecteam supports distributed teams in staying connected. While the platform offers HR and operations functionality, it also includes several features that increase job satisfaction. For example, a newsfeed with engagement tracking is available to help you understand how employees interact with company news. Similarly, Connecteam’s knowledge base also acts as a space for making company announcements and running employee surveys. Organizations will also enjoy the recognition and rewards feature, with settings to deliver praise in public or private.  

Pricing: Connecteam offers a 14-day free trial to get started. It also includes a free Small Business Plan for up to 10 users; the Basic plan is $29 per user/mo for the first 30 users, then $0.50 for each additional user; the Advanced plan is $49 per user/mo for the first 30 users, then $1.50 for each additional user; the Expert plan is $99 per user/mo for the first 30 users, then $3 for each additional user. 

G2 review: Connecteam receives 4.7 out of 5 from the G2 user community. With customers including EY, Volvo, Subway, and Billabong, the platform receives many positive comments from its users. A midmarket user, Lior E., describes:

“Connecteam has helped us overcome various challenges by providing a comprehensive solution for team communication, task management, employee engagement, and compliance. The benefits we’ve experienced include improved efficiency, better collaboration, increased employee satisfaction, and greater adaptability to changing work environments.”


Benepass is a flexible benefits platform designed for people-first companies like Crunchbase, Wix, Coda, Reachdesk, and Muck Rack, which have all achieved exceptional results using our platform. 

Benepass makes it easy for employers to distribute flexible benefits plans and employee retention benefits, ensuring employees have everything they need to feel supported professionally and personally. Our platform offers: 

Pricing: Custom pricing is available from Benepass according to your requirements. 

G2 review: Benepass achieves an outstanding score of 4.8 out of 5 from the G2 community. Across our many five-star reviews, numerous users mention they enjoy the flexibility of the Benepass card, which employers preload with credit that employees spend. Enterprise Account Development Adnan K. explains his experience with our card-first technology: 

“The virtual card that Benepass provides is very helpful. It can be used seamlessly outside the U.S. as well as on food ordering platforms like Zomato and Swiggy. Multiple platforms are already onboarded with them. The process of uploading bills for reimbursements is seamless. The interface is very simple and easy to understand. All transactions are well-tracked and can be gathered with the click of a button.”

Project specialist Vanessa P. also has plenty of positivity to share about our platform: 

“The customer service is great; they reply so quickly and help resolve any issues or answer any questions. I love that I can use the card on myself, for my dog, for facials, and the gym. This program makes me feel like my employer truly cares about our well-being.” 

How to choose the best tools for your company

Finding the perfect software for your business is like shoe shopping; what suits one business may not be the right fit for another. Consider the following points when selecting the best employee retention software for your organization. 


Vendors offer a variety of pricing models that could impact your purchasing decision based on your allocated budget or any upcoming changes to your business. Some popular options include: 

  • Per-user pricing dependent on your headcount 
  • Monthly pricing providing flexibility if you need to make any quick changes to your package 
  • Annual pricing requiring a longer-term commitment for a discount 
  • Modular pricing, where you only pay for the features you need 
  • One-off fee paid upfront 
  • Add-on costs for training, implementation, support, etc. 

Ease of use

Your employee retention software should seamlessly integrate with your tech stack without a steep learning curve. So, it’s always worth using free trials to check that the platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can always compare G2’s Ease of Use category for each software on your shortlist. For example, Benepass scores 9.6 out of 10 in this category. 


Connecting your employee retention software to other tools in your tech stack enables you to seamlessly pull or push employee records from one platform to another without entering data in multiple places. 

Consider the types of software you need your software to integrate with, for example: 

  • Payroll and benefits administration systems 
  • Time and attendance tools 
  • Applicant tracking systems 
  • Performance management tools 
  • Learning and development platforms 

Quality of support 

Teething problems may occur during the setup of your new employee retention program. Once launched, you may need to access occasional or ongoing customer support due to any bugs, issues, or changes to your business needs. Invest in a software provider with solid customer support scores to minimize any disruption to your employee experience and save time on troubleshooting. For example, Benepass has a high “Quality of Support” rating of 9.7 out of 10, according to the G2 user community. 

Employee requests 

If you’ve been paying attention to your employees (and we recommend that you do!), any trend of them asking for a specific software or category of software is worth listening to. For example, they may mention in pulse surveys, 1:1 meetings, or town hall meetings that they’d love access to an internal communications tool. Be sure to act on any employee feedback you receive. 

Customer success stories 

Part of your vendor research process is exploring how other companies like yours have experienced a particular platform and received a solid return on their investment. Collect this intel by: 

  • Reading user reviews on third-party websites 
  • Reading case studies on software sites 
  • Asking for customer success stories from vendors

Explore our library of customer stories to see how companies are leveraging the Benepass platform to improve engagement and design highly flexible benefits programs. 

Retain your top talent with Benepass

High employee turnover is a costly headache eased by quality retention software. 

Benepass is a flexible, scalable employee retention tool that integrates with your HRIS or payroll, making it a cinch to automate employee enrollment to your selected benefits package. 

Benepass already supports 100,000 employees from top companies worldwide. But what about your employees? Book a free product demo today or contact sales@getbenepass.com to kickstart your employee retention strategy and learn more about how our platform could transform your company’s employee experience.

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