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What is Benepass HSA?

Offer an HSA that employees can easily use and understand

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are a great benefit for helping employees with high-deductible medical plans set aside pre-tax dollars for healthcare spending. But even though these accounts are popular with younger, tech-savvy employee populations, they aren’t often designed with their preferences in mind. More often than not, HSAs are bogged down by legacy software and lackluster customer service.

The Benepass HSA reimagines the typical HSA and turns it into an intuitive, engaging experience.

Get started with Benepass HSA in 4 easy steps

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Connect to payroll
Connect your payroll system to automate enrollment.
Elect contributions
Employees enroll into the HSA and elect their contributions during open enrollment.
Enroll employees
Benepass automatically reads your payroll system and enrolls the relevant employees.
Join the Benepass platform
All enrolled employees are invited to join the Benepass platform and can start using their Benepass HSA.

Why Benepass HSA?

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Upgrade the employee experience.

With the Benepass HSA, employees can easily access and manage their account through web and mobile apps. They receive a virtual HSA card in the app along with their physical card.
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Reduce your administrative burden.

Automated funding means admins don’t have to manually update contribution information into the system each pay period, saving them time and headaches.
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Give your employees the customer service they deserve.

Our team of experts is ready to answer employee questions about their HSA. With a 95% customer satisfaction rating, our team takes pride in resolving any issues with speed and precision.
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Consolidate your HSA and wellness programs into one platform.

Instead of managing your pre-tax and perks programs with multiple point solutions, you can leverage the Benepass platform to centralize all your benefits programs and save money in the process.
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Safeguard your data with enterprise-grade security.

We are SOC2 certified and have bank-level encryption, ensuring that your sensitive data is always protected.
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“We used to have different vendors for our benefits spending accounts. They were clunky and hard to use…Benepass is a phenomenal partner. I love the fact that they are flexible to meet our needs and the platform is robust enough to deliver.”
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Manessah Myrum, VP of People
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