Market leader in Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA)

Employee-led benefits designed for flexibility & choice

Make your benefits personalized

One-size-fits-all doesn't work in today's talent market. With Benepass, your benefits program is both flexible enough to attract and retain top talent and personalized

enough so you can show your employees you care. In building their LSA employers can mix and match among many different lifestyle pillars.

Mental health, e.g. meditation apps, therapy
Work from home equipment
Professional development and education
Any customizable category that your organization cares about.

You define the policy, Benepass enables it

We work with People teams to define what qualifies under your company's Lifestyle Spending Account, however broad or narrow you like, and we code that policy into the

Benepass platform. All employees are issued a Benepass card with the rules programmed on the card.

Automatic approval or denial of transaction at point of sale
Automatic transaction classification upon spending
Reporting on how employees are spending their LSA

Make your benefits worth more.

When employees can choose how their company supports them they perceive the value of their benefits program as greater. This can help to retain and attract talent without increasing costs to you, the employer.

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