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Benepass Lifestyle Spending Account

Employee-led benefits designed for flexibility and choice
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What is Benepass LSA?

Breathe some joy into your benefits program

Today’s employees expect flexibility from their employers. To provide that, more employers are turning to lifestyle spending accounts (LSAs) as a key retention and recruitment tool to boost employee wellness, happiness, and productivity.

With the Benepass Lifestyle Spending Account, you can give your employees the power of choice when it comes to their own well-being needs.

How can I use this benefit?

A picture of a woman using her benefit on daycare for her child
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How can I use this benefit?


Age 32 - Austin, TX
Jackie uses her Benepass LSA to subsidize daycare for her 5 year old son. Her son goes to daycare Monday-Wednesday which allows her to work in the office those days.

How can I use this benefit?

A picture of a woman who uses her benefits on talkspace to meet her therapist
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How can I use this benefit?


Age 35 - Paris, France
Daphne uses her Benepass LSA on her Talkspace subscription. She meets with her therapist every Thursday.

How can I use this benefit?

A picture of a man using his benefit on Noomii to become a better management
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How can I use this benefit?


Age 45 - Atlanta, GA
Rob uses his Benepass LSA to hire a leadership coach so he can become a better manager. He is gaining tools and tips from a former leader in his industry.

How can I use this benefit?

A picture of a man using his benefit to work out with a coach
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How can I use this benefit?


Age 25 - Chicago, IL
Joe uses his Benepass LSA on his Equinox membership. He has fitness classes twice a week and works with a personal trainer every Friday.
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Build your Lifestyle Spending Account program with Benepass in 4 easy steps

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Join the Benepass platform benefit
Choose your program
Define what qualifies under your lifestyle spending account. Lifestyle pillars can include wellness, food, mental health, professional development, and more.
Implement your policy
We work our magic and code that policy into the Benepass Platform and Visa Benecard. We call this your unique benefit template.
Connect to payroll
Connect your payroll system to automate enrollment.
Join the Benepass platform
All employees are invited to join the Benepass platform and can start using their Benepass LSA account on day one.

Why Benepass Lifestyle Spending Account?

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Increase employee engagement and eNPS

Our easy-to-use fintech platform provides a better user experience. Employee engagement rates for the Benepass Lifestyle Spending Account are 20-50% higher than traditional reimbursement or marketplace-based lifestyle spending account vendors.
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Boost company morale

Employees have used their lifestyle spending accounts to help repay student debt, adopt a pet, make monthly charitable donations, take personal or professional development courses, cover the cost of extra-curricular activities for children, offset childcare costs, and more. All of this translates to happier, more productive employees.
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Experience cost savings

You only pay for the benefits employees use. This saves your company money while still providing employees 100% of the benefit.
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Expand benefits without expanding budget

With our platform, you can quickly respond to changing employee needs by opening up new category spends, even without a net new budget.
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Support your global employees

Give your global employees the same great benefits experience as your HQ employees.
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Protect sensitive employee info with a secure platform

Our enterprise-grade security means never worrying about the safety of your data. We are SOC2 certified and have bank-level encryption.
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“I want our employees to know we care about their mental and physical health. It’s something small we can do to show employees that we care about them, and we want them to be healthy. It’s really nice to let employees spend it on whatever they want. That’s one thing that I really love about the lifestyle spending account.”
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Elspeth Arnold, Manager, People Experience
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