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Benepass Rewards and Recognition

Recognize your team with rewards they’ll actually enjoy
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What is Benepass Rewards and Recognition?

Celebrate your employees the way they want to be celebrated

Companies that recognize employee achievements inspire a sense of pride, loyalty, and teamwork. Benepass Rewards and Recognition is a program that personalizes employee recognition by putting employees in the driver’s seat. You provide the monetary reward, and let employees decide what “reward” means to them.

How can I use this benefit?

A picture of a woman who uses here benefit on massage envy
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How can I use this benefit?


Age 27 - Tallahassee, FL
Mary uses her company’s birthday gift via Benepass R+R to pay for a massage from her favorite masseuse. Her company sends her a birthday gift every year to support her wellness.

How can I use this benefit?

Portrait of a person who used their benefit to buy tickets to an NBA game
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How can I use this benefit?


Age 38 - Denver, CO
Cole won Salesperson of the Quarter and receives funds via Benepass R+R to go do something fun for himself. He bought tickets to an NBA game since he is a big sports fan.

How can I use this benefit?

Portrait of a person who used their benefit to take their family to a restaurant
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How can I use this benefit?


Age 51 - Hyderabad, India
Arjun celebrated 20 years with his company and received a work anniversary gift in his Benepass R+R account. He took his family to his favorite restaurant in the city.
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Get started with Benepass Rewards and Recognition in 4 easy steps

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Join the Benepass platform benefit
Choose your program
Define what qualifies for rewards and recognition gifts. Choose from birthdays, work anniversaries, career milestones, career achievements, employee awards, and more.
Implement your policy
We work our magic and code that policy into the Benepass Platform and Visa Benecard. We call this your unique benefit template.
Connect to payroll
Connect your payroll system to automate enrollment.
Join the Benepass platform
All employees are invited to join the Benepass platform and can start using their Benepass Wellness account on day one.

Why Benepass Rewards and Recognition?

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Deploy a cheaper recognition program

Unlike gift cards, Benepass funds are not used until an employee actually spends them.
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Decrease turnover

Employees that feel recognized for their tenure or achievements are much more likely to be engaged at work and stay with your company longer.
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Align benefits with your company values

Reward and recognize employees who live your company’s values. With Benepass, you can even incentivize specific wellness initiatives that fit your company’s mission and goals.
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Support your global employees

Ensure that all your employees feel appreciated, regardless of where they live and work.
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Protect sensitive employee info with a secure platform

Our enterprise-grade security means never worrying about the safety of your data. We are SOC2 certified and have bank-level encryption.
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“Automox Perks was designed as a way for managers to say thank you to their employees. Employees prefer to have money added to Benepass because it's permission to spend it on something that isn't utilities or groceries.”
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Elspeth Arnold, Manager, People Experience
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