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What is Benepass HRA?

Health insurance plans treat your diverse employee base as the same. With a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), you can offer employees tax-free funds to pay for eligible healthcare expenses that fit their unique needs.

The Benepass HRA is a flexible, card-first approach that you can use to help employees pay for high-cost medical care — such as fertility treatments, gender confirmation surgery, or healthcare-related travel expenses — without driving up premiums for the whole group.
A modern solution to one-size-fits-all health plans

Get started with Benepass HRA in 4 easy steps

Choose your program
Define eligibility rules for your Benepass HRA. Employers often create accounts that target fertility, mental health, medical travel, and more.
Establish contributions
Employer determines how much they would like to contribute to the HRA
Enroll employees
Benepass automatically reads your payroll system and enrolls the relevant employees.
Join the Benepass platform
All enrolled employees are invited to join the Benepass platform and can start using their Benepass HRA.

Why Benepass HRA?

Support your company’s DEI values

The Benepass HRA allows you to cover a wider range of healthcare needs, so you can live out your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion values through your benefits and help underserved populations access the healthcare they need.

Provide a competitive benefit without increasing costs

Adding additional coverage to your health insurance plans drives up premiums across the board, when not every employee will need the benefit. With the Benepass HRA, you can provide more inclusive healthcare coverage that employees can use as needed without adding to insurance costs.

Improve the employee experience

Traditional HRAs require employees to pay upfront for medical expenses before they can be reimbursed. The Benepass HRA leverages our financial technology to make a card-first approach possible, creating a more intuitive, equitable experience for your employees.

Ease admin burden through our privacy-enhancing processes

Our team processes transactions and reimbursements to validate eligibility. This means more privacy for your employees’ sensitive medical information, plus less admin burden for your People and Finance teams.

Give your employees access to top-rated customer service

We have a team of experts ready to answer employee questions about their HRA. Our customer experience team has a 95% customer satisfaction rating.

Protect your data with enterprise-grade security

Our platform is SOC2 certified and has bank-level encryption.
“When we were vetting vendors, it wasn't just about ease of use and functionality. It was also about security. Benepass met our high standards of security — that was a dealbreaker with other companies.”
Hallie Griffin, Virtual Office Manager
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