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Benepass Difference

We're your partner in providing the best employee experience

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Create benefits that easily adapt to changing needs

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Global parity

Employees receive physical and virtual cards that work anywhere in the world, making it easy to design equitable programs that serve a global workforce.

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Sophisticated financial technology

Our fintech works behind the scenes to automatically accept or reject transactions so you know employees are spending within your pre-programmed rules.

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Real-time metrics

Use engagement and spending data from the Benepass Admin Dashboard to optimize your programs and drive higher value for your employees.

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Automated enrollment and compliance

Our platform connects with your payroll or HRIS so employees are automatically enrolled in their benefits on day one. We also automate tax compliance.


Give your employees the flexibility they crave from their benefits

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One card, infinite possibilities

Benepass’s card-first technology gives employees the ultimate freedom to spend their benefits on the things that matter most to them.

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Multiple ways of spending

Employees can spend on the go with physical and virtual cards, along with a mobile wallet. We also support reimbursements, giving employees even more flexibility.

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Fully customizable

Ready-to-go benefit templates provide a starting point, but you have complete freedom to design a program that meets your company’s unique requirements.

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Easy to adapt

With Benepass, you can easily scale your programs over time or expand your eligible spending categories to meet new employee needs and business goals.


Design programs that delight and engage every employee

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High employee engagement

Traditional benefits programs are clunky and confusing to use. By providing greater choice and flexibility to employees, our customers see average engagement rates of over 85%.

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Automated communications

We send regular updates and reminders to your employees to improve engagement without adding more administrative work for your team.

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Intuitive employee experience

Our easy-to-use platform takes the confusion out of accessing and spending your benefits. Employees can see all their benefits at a glance and track their spending.


An unlimited number of vendors

Some benefits vendors limit employees to a preselected set of merchants. We make it possible to provide far more choice to your employees so everyone’s needs are met equally.

How Benepass works

An all-in-one automated platform that’s easy to use from any country

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We take data security seriously

Benepass uses enterprise-grade security and regular audits to ensure you’re always protected. We undergo regular penetration testing and security reviews designed to be SOC 2 compliant.

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Bank-level encryption
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Give your employees the power of choice