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What is Benepass Professional Development Account?

Investing in your employees’ professional development leads to a loyal and highly skilled workforce. It demonstrates your investment in their future, reducing turnover and building a more engaged workforce. The Benepass Professional Development Account supports employees as they pursue their career growth and prepare for new levels of leadership at your company.
86% of employees would change jobs for more professional development opportunities

How can I use this benefit?

How can I use this benefit?


Age 28 - Nashville, TN
Jared uses his Benepass Professional Development Account to pay for Career Coaching on BetterUp. He hopes to manage people in the near future.

How can I use this benefit?

How can I use this benefit?


Age 32 - Miami, FL
Tess uses her Benepass Professional Development Account to pay for coding classes at her local university. As a product lead she wants to bulk up her technical skills.

How can I use this benefit?

How can I use this benefit?


Age 39 - Madrid, Spain
Andres uses his Benepass Professional Development Account to pay for exam fees for the CFA exam. With a CFA he hopes to further advance his career in finance.

Get started with the Benepass Professional Development Account in 4 easy steps

Choose your program
Define what qualifies under your Professional Development Account. Choose from conferences, seminars, mentorship, coaching, coursework, licensing, certifications, learning and development apps, and more.
Implement your policy
We work our magic and code that policy into the Benepass Platform and Visa Benecard. We call this your unique benefit template.
Connect to payroll
Connect your payroll system to automate enrollment.
Join the Benepass platform
All employees are invited to join the Benpass platform and can start using their Benepass Professional Development Account on day one.

Why Benepass Professional Development?

Save time and money with fewer vendors

Our platform makes it easy to let employees choose among many different professional development vendors without increasing the cost and admin burden on your company.

Increase participation in professional development

Most employees don’t participate in external professional development programs because they don’t want to spend their own money and wait to be reimbursed. With Benepass, participation is pain-free.

Decrease turnover rates

When you support your employees in their career development, they’ll be excited to demonstrate their growth right where they’re at.

Increase productivity

Expanded skill sets means employees are more capable of doing their jobs, leading to a highly flexible and agile workforce.

Attract top talent

Top candidates are looking for employers that value their professional well-being more than ever. Build a program that stands out during the recruitment process and attracts people who are dedicated to continuous growth.
“As a people leader, if you have the vision and resources for the program you want to build, Benepass is a true partner in bringing it to fruition. Everybody that I've worked with at Benepass has been stellar.”
Manessah Myrum, VP of People
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