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How Wix Provided Equitable Food Perks to Its Workforce With Benepass

“We knew that providing a food benefit creates meaningful experiences between us and our employees.” — Noam Bacharach, Senior Director, Head Of U.S. Operations and Workplace Experience
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Food perks like free catered lunches and office snacks have long been a favorite of employees and a cultural staple of technology companies everywhere. As many companies transition to a more flexible workplace, it’s become more challenging to distribute food benefits in a hybrid work environment.  

While many food delivery services offer corporate accounts, the added fees for service, administration, and delivery can be exorbitant—reducing the actual food perk by as much as 20%. Using a single supplier for delivery can also severely limit options or coverage for all employees, while increasing service, management, and delivery costs.

Wix, the leader in website creation, experienced these challenges firsthand with a single-vendor food delivery service. They sought a new benefits partner that could more equitably deliver food perks that their employees loved and that could be widely used by a remote workforce across all their North American locations. 

Why Benepass 

Wix turned to Benepass to launch a more flexible, equitable, and cost-effective food benefit for its employees. “We are very focused on the experience of our employees,” shared Noam Bacharach, Senior Director and Head of U.S. Operations and Workplace Experience.

Today, 87% of employees consider health and wellness programs when choosing an employer, and Wix has placed a high focus on keeping its employees happy (and well-fed). Wix employees receive a biweekly allowance directly into their Benepass account to use on anything food-related, including food delivery, groceries, weekly dinner subscription boxes, and local restaurants. The flexibility empowers employees to choose what type of food perk is most beneficial to them and their families. This also allows employees to change where they spend their dollars each month. 

“The situation of the pandemic impacted everyone in their unique way,” Noam said. “We found that when we switched to Benepass, we provided much more of a robust solution that can accommodate everyone’s personal needs.”

 A more cost-effective, equitable food perk

Today, Wix’s partnership with Benepass has allowed them to deliver a better and more equitable food perk across their entire employee population.

“As soon as we moved to Benepass, we saw a dramatic increase in the utilization rate to over 90%.” – Noam Bacharach, Senior Director, Head of U.S. Operations and Workplace Experience

Instead of being restricted to a single vendor, employees can spend their meal allowance on food options that best meet their needs using Benepass’s Visa credit card or through Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay for contactless payment. Spending is then tracked in one central online and mobile platform, reducing HR admin time and improving the overall employee experience.

“I think that the way the platform is designed allows the team to really respond and react quickly, giving us the flexibility and scalability we desired in a vendor,” Noam said. 

Wider flexibility improves the value of the perk by providing employees with a choice of how and where to use their food benefits. Together with Benepass, Wix has built a food perk that is easy to use, loved by employees, and can scale as the company grows. 

Key results

“We found that when we switched to Benepass, we provided much more of a robust solution that can accommodate everyone’s personal needs.” – Noam Bacharach, Senior Director, Head of U.S. Operations and Workplace Experience
  • Benefits aligned with company mission: With Benepass, Wix offers a more equitable food perks program. 
  • Increased flexibility: Benepass has provided Wix employees with greater flexibility in selecting the right food benefit for them and their families every month. 
  • Improved utilization: Participation rates have risen to over 90%, thanks to Benepass’s easy-to-use credit card and platform.  
  • Scalability: Wix can scale across new regions, add employees, and make changes through Benepass’s responsive platform and highly rated customer service. 
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