Modernize your Commuter Benefits

Flexible and easy to use pre-tax commuter benefits

Simplify commuter benefits

Commuter benefits are loved by all as they provide tax-free dollars for employees and reduce payroll taxes for companies. However, the growing number of hybrid workplaces have complicated commuter benefits.

With Benepass commuter benefits are easily accessible via employee's Benepass card no matter how or when they choose to get to work.

Public Transportation
Van/Car Pooling

Better administered commuter benefits. Less admin overhead.

We make it easy for People teams to manage, evaluate, and report on all pre-tax benefits in one place. We also have a team ready to answer employee questions with a 95% customer satisfaction rating.

If an employee's card is declined for insufficient balance or another reason, our platform will let the employee know immediately, decreasing questions from employees to HR.

Bringing flexibility to commuting

With Benepass People teams no longer have to handle expense reimbursement and employees no longer have to commit to commuting via one method. The future of work is flexibility and automation, join us.

Revamp your Commuter Benefits