A holistic approach to wellness programs

Combine pre-tax benefits and company-funded stipends on a single card + mobile app

Wellness is deeply personal

Employees define wellness in different ways and taking a one-size-fits-all approach means that many employee wellness needs aren’t being met. With Benepass you can create a program that allows employees to invest in their wellness, however they define it.

Physical wellness (gyms, workout classes)
Mental wellness (In-person and online therapy, mental health apps)
Financial wellness (financial and tax advisory, personal finance courses)

You define the policy, Benepass enables it

We work with People teams to define what qualifies under your company’s wellness program, however broad or narrow you like, and we code that policy into the Benepass platform. All employees are issued a Benepass card with the rules programmed on the card.

Automatic approval or denial of transaction at point of sale
Automatic transaction classification upon spending
Reporting on spending of wellness benefits

Retain talent with less administrative overhead

Well administered corporate wellness initiatives have been shown to attract and retain top talent, reduce healthcare costs associated with burnout, and increase employee satisfaction.

We help you build a best-in-class program that has over 80% engagement, with less administrative burden on People teams and at a lower cost than going directly to multiple vendors.

Build a flexible wellness program