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Benepass Wellness

A benefit that empowers every employee to craft their own definition of wellness
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What is wellness?

Achieve engagement rates of over 80% by meeting every employee’s wellness needs

Employees define wellness in many different ways, and a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works with a multigenerational workforce.

With Benepass Wellness, you get a turnkey program that allows employees to invest in their wellness, however they define it.

How can I use this benefit?

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How can I use this benefit?


Age 25 - Chicago, IL
Joe uses his Benepass Wellness benefit on his Equinox membership. He has fitness classes twice a week and works with a personal trainer every Friday.

How can I use this benefit?

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How can I use this benefit?


Age 38 - San Diego, CA
Reema uses her Benepass Wellness benefit on her Talkspace subscription. She meets with her therapist every Thursday.

How can I use this benefit?

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How can I use this benefit?


Age 50 - Tampa, FL
Karla uses her Benepass Wellness benefit on Peleton. She buys all the fitness equipment she needs so she can do her workouts at home.
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Get started with Benepass Wellness in 4 easy steps

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Join the Benepass platform benefit
Choose your program
Define what qualifies under your Benepass Wellness program. Choose from areas like physical wellness, mental wellness, and financial wellness.
Implement your policy
We work our magic and code that policy into the Benepass Platform and Visa Benecard. We call this your unique benefit template.
Connect to payroll
Connect your payroll system to automate enrollment.
Join the Benepass platform
All employees are invited to join the Benepass platform and can start using their Benepass Wellness account on day one.

Why Benepass Wellness?

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Save time and money with fewer wellness vendors

Traditional wellness programs require companies to manage multiple vendors, which means higher costs and more admin burden. With Benepass, customers receive a centralized solution and often save 10-30% on administrative costs.
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Increase employee engagement

95% of our customers see employee engagement rise since employees have more freedom in how they spend their funds. Employees choose what wellness means to them without spending their own money first, all through one easy-to-use platform.
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Support your global employees

We work everywhere Visa is accepted. This means all your employees receive a great benefits experience, wherever they live and work.
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Keep your benefits agile

Quickly respond to changing employee wellness needs through our highly agile platform. With Benepass Wellness, it’s easy to adjust your program at any moment.
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Protect sensitive employee info with a secure platform

Our enterprise-grade security means never worrying about the safety of your data. We are SOC2 certified and have bank-level encryption.
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“I think the mission of Benepass is to prioritize our wellness and our self-care. And that's just perfectly aligned with who we are.”
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Hallie Griffin, Virtual Office Manager
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