Feed your team

Build a food program, in-office and/or remote

Give your employees food. Not delivery.

Food is one of the benefits employees appreciate most, and engagement is often above 90%. We can help you build a food program that allows employees to buy food at grocery stores, restaurants, and delivery services— whatever works best for them.

Vendor agnostic: An equitable experience for all employees at HQ or globally
No service fees: Cheaper than corporate accounts with food delivery companies
Flexibility & choice: Employees can make the right food choices for themselves

You define the policy, Benepass enables it

We work with People teams to define what qualifies under your company’s food benefits program, however broad or narrow you like, and we code that policy into the Benepass platform. All employees are issued a Benepass card with the rules programmed on the card.

Automatic approval or denial of transaction at point of sale
Automatic transaction classification upon spending
Reporting on spending for food benefits

Food with less administrative burden and at a lower cost

Administering food programs oftentimes means checking receipts and/or dealing with multiple vendors. We can help you build a best-in class food benefits program that your employees will love, will cost your organization less, and will take less of your time.

Build a best in class food benefits program