Benepass Food

A food program that satisfies every employee’s palate
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What is Benepass Food?

Employees always appreciate free food, but an increase in hybrid and remote work means pizza parties no longer cut it. Companies that opt for a flexible food program often see engagement rates of over 90%. With Benepass Food, employees can buy food from grocery stores, restaurants, and delivery services — whatever works best for them.
Nourish your employees with food options that fit their lifestyle

How can I use this benefit?

How can I use this benefit?


Age 35 - Des Moines, Iowa
Jennifer uses Benepass Food to order a salad from her locally owned salad place in the suburbs of Des Moines.

How can I use this benefit?

How can I use this benefit?


Age 22 - New York, NY
Steve uses Benepass Food to order from DoorDash since he lives in Manhattan and has a lot of restaurant options around him.

How can I use this benefit?

How can I use this benefit?


Age 43 - London, UK
Sarah uses Benepass Food to buy groceries at her neighborhood Tesco. She loves to cook healthy meals for herself.

Get started with Benepass Food in 4 easy steps

Choose your program
Define what qualifies under your food program. Choose from delivery, national restaurants, local restaurants, or groceries.
Implement your policy
We work our magic and code that policy into the Benepass Platform and Visa Benecard. We call this your unique benefit template.
Connect to payroll
Connect your payroll system to automate enrollment.
Join the Benepass platform
All employees are invited to join the Benpass platform and can start using their Benepass Food account on day one.

Why Benepass Food?

Save money and cut administrative costs by 30-40%

We do not charge additional service fees or delivery charges.

Increase employee engagement

Employees can choose between restaurants, grocery stores, and delivery. They are not limited to unhealthy food options, and they can make choices based on local availability or family needs.

Support your global employees

They can use their Benecard at restaurants and grocery stores around the world, ensuring a great experience for all employees regardless of where they live.

Protect sensitive employee info with a secure platform

Our enterprise-grade security means never worrying about the safety of your data. We are SOC2 certified and have bank-level encryption.
“We think that providing a food benefit creates meaningful experiences between us and our employees…We found that when we switched to Benepass from Grubhub we provided much more of a robust solution that can accommodate everyone’s personal needs.”
Noam Bacharach, Senior Director, Head Of U.S. Operations and Workplace Experience
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