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2023 Benepass Benefits Benchmarking Guide

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Every company wants to be an employer of choice, or an organization that attracts top talent because of its strong culture, effective leadership, meaningful work, and competitive compensation. Employee benefits are a massive part of this equation, but knowing if your company is providing programs that truly stand out is challenging. 

The 2023 Benepass Benefits Benchmarking Guide leverages our most current internal customer data to highlight trends and help HR leaders design more competitive benefits programs. 

‍This guide includes:

  • Trends in pre-tax benefits and perks, including the most common types of accounts and average contribution amounts
  • Breakdowns of perks trends by company size, along with an analysis of trends in the tech, healthcare and biotech, retail, and financial services industries 
  • Analysis of how data from 2023 compares to last year’s benefits trends 
  • A deep dive into how companies of all sizes are designing lifestyle spending account (LSA) benefits