Meet employees where they are

Support every employee’s individual definition of wellness by giving them more flexible spending options.

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Make one-size-fits-all a thing of the past

Today’s workforce is multigenerational and geographically distributed, making it harder than ever to meet employees’ needs with traditional one-size-fits-all benefits packages. Instead, launch flexible benefits that allow each employee to personalize how they use their benefit dollars. 

Customization is a cinch

Be broad and support many benefit categories such as fitness, mental health, family care, and professional development in a Benepass Lifestyle Spending Account, or narrow your focus by supporting only physical and mental health with Benepass Wellness.

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Benefits built for
modern needs

The world is constantly changing. Employee benefits that are static aren’t designed to keep up with employee needs as modern events create new challenges and shift priorities. With Benepass, you can create adaptable programs that are easy to adjust as needed. 

Give your employees the power of choice

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