Make the most
of your budget

Make your benefits dollars go further by giving employees more flexible spending options without investing more budget.

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No chance of new budget? No problem

Want to provide additional benefits to your employees but can’t find more budget? With Benepass, you can create new programs that employees will love without adding a single dollar to your benefits budget. Get more out of your current budget by making your existing dollars more flexible. 

More personalization
at no extra cost

For example, many companies provide fitness benefits by partnering with one gym to offer employees free or discounted memberships, but this might not fit every employee’s individual preferences. Instead, you can use Benepass to launch a fitness account that covers any gym, yoga class, or personal trainer globally.

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Make old programs feel brand new

Or you can take an existing professional development stipend and expand it to also cover fitness, mental health, and family care with the Benepass Lifestyle Spending Account.

Add new benefits without footing another bill

This approach allows existing benefit programs to feel like completely new benefits without adding costs or administrative burden. By giving your employees more flexibility to spend the benefit where they need it most, you’ll create a happier and healthier workforce at no additional cost to your team.

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Give your employees the power of choice

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