Increase benefits utilization

Traditional benefits programs struggle to reach engagement rates higher than 15%, while our customers see rates of over 85%.

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More choice, more satisfied employees

Looking for ways to boost employee engagement and satisfaction? With Benepass, you can empower employees to spend their benefits in ways that fit best for them and their families. Flexible benefits programs just work for more of your employees, simple as that.

Benefits that serve your diverse workforce

Today’s workforce is increasingly global and multigenerational. Catering to everyone equally with flexible benefits helps you improve engagement and retain more employees.

By serving all employees more effectively, our customers see 85%+ engagement rates. That’s 3x better than traditional benefits programs.

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Revamp your benefits for record-high revenue

The line between your employee benefits and revenue is stronger than you think. When employees feel supported and valued by their employer, they are more likely to be present and engaged in their work. Flexible benefits that employees actually use improve productivity and reduce absenteeism, leading directly to higher profits.

Give your employees the power of choice

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