Simple, Customizable Policies

Most of our benefits are templated so you can get started quickly. Or customize to fit your company's exact needs.

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Get started with our templates

We've partnered with hundreds with companies on their benefit policies, so we've seen it all.

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Get started quickly with our templates covering:
Hybrid & Remote Work
Professional Development
Family Support
Food & Meals
Recognition & Rewards
... and more!
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Customizable rules

You can set the rules for contribution amount, cadence (e.g., week, month, year), employee eligibility.

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Custom contribution and expiration rules for any cadence
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Easily update your policies at any time
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Guidance and flexibility

The Benepass app has a marketplace with hundreds of merchants for inspiration on how to use their benefits. But they aren't limited to just what's in the marketplace - employees can choose what fits best for them.

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Get inspiration (and clarification) on eligible spending
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Exclusive Benepass deals & discounts

Give your employees the power of choice