How Bright Health Fosters Employee Well-Being With Benepass’s Lifestyle Spending Account

“Benepass is a phenomenal partner. I love the fact that they are flexible to meet our needs and the platform is robust enough to deliver. As a people leader, if you have the vision and executive support for the program you want to build, Benepass is a true partner in bringing it to fruition. Everybody I've worked with at Benepass has been stellar." - Manessah Myrum, VP of People at Bright Health




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Key Results

Improved employee well-being
Benefits aligned with company mission
Better employee experience
Cost savings


Well-being is essential to a happy and healthy workforce. Employers of every size understand this critical need, but many struggle with how to support effective well-being programs amidst a transforming workforce, rapid growth, and legacy programs. 

Minneapolis-based Bright Health understands the need to foster well-being — the rapidly growing company is on a mission to make healthcare simple, personal, and affordable. The company’s rapid growth ushered in new challenges for how to support employee well-being as the company scaled. With around 3,000 employees spanning the U.S. and many employees working from home full or part-time, Bright Health sought a benefits partner who could offer both flexibility and scale to expand on the benefits they currently provided while also prioritizing employee well-being.

“We used to have multiple vendors for our benefits spending accounts. They were clunky and hard to use. And we didn’t have a Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) at all,” said Manessah Myrum, VP of People at Bright Health.

Why Benepass 

Bright Health turned to Benepass to administer all its pre-tax benefits and launch a Lifestyle Spending Account, expanding Bright Health’s benefits program to meet both professional and personal wellness needs. “​​What stood out to me about Benepass is their adaptability and customization. A lot of the other LSA administrators weren’t willing to offer the same level of automation, customization and support,” she explained. 

With the right tools in place from Benepass, Bright Health launched the BrighterLife employee well-being program, anchored by the company’s LSA. It enabled the company to live its mission of fostering brighter, healthier lives, starting with their employees. What’s more, the unique and innovative benefits package offers a competitive edge for recruitment and retention.

"With BrighterLife, our employee well-being program, we provide the guardrails on how employees can use the LSA to invest in their well-being, but ultimately they choose how to spend the funds the company contributes on what matters most to them and their family."  – Manessah Myrum, VP of People at Bright Health

Bright Health employees are given a monthly allowance in their LSA to be used across six well-being categories of their choice including physical, mental, financial, professional, environmental, and community. The flexibility empowers Bright Health employees to spend these dollars in ways that matter most to them and their family to support their holistic well-being. 

The initiative has had an immediate and substantial impact on overall employee well-being. With an employee engagement rate of 93% and an employee satisfaction rate of over 85%, the program has been widely used across its entire employee base. 

With Benepass, all spending accounts including the LSA and pre-tax benefits are managed in one central online platform, improving the employee experience and reducing HR administrative time. Employees can access their spending account dollars across all their accounts using a physical Visa credit card or through Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay for contactless payment.

Benepass’s team brought a combination of passion for HR and technological expertise to deliver a modern, better approach to benefits. Together with Benepass, Bright Health offers perks that employees love, are easy to use, and can scale as the company grows.