Automox Builds Leading Perks Program With Benepass

“I think wellness means different things to different people. While it might mean gym membership for some, it could mean financial wellness for someone else.” - Elspeth Arnold, Manager, People Experience at Automox




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Key Results

Benefits aligned with company mission
Increased flexibility
Robust data
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Automox was founded in 2015 to pursue a disruptive new vision: to give IT operations teams the ability to act quickly and easily across all their endpoints. Automox has grown significantly over the last 18 months and gone fully distributed in the process. Elspeth Arnold, Manager, People Experience, has been at the forefront of selecting and establishing the company’s HRIS.

With Benepass, Automox’s wellness program quickly expanded to an LSA with a $50 stipend per month for employees. The LSA is the second-most utilized perk by Automox’s employees, with over 42% enrolled. Employee engagement rates for LSAs are typically substantially higher than traditional single-merchant programs since employees can select the merchants and vendors that are most suitable to their unique location and needs.

Automox offers its employees a robust benefits program with several other perks, including a home office stipend of $750. Another unique program offered by Automox is AX Connect, which is designed to foster professional and social connections among employees. A fun feature is built right into Slack called “random coffee” where employees are paired for a physical or virtual coffee date they can pay for with Benepass funds. AX Connect is the most-utilized feature of the perks program with an engagement rate of 49%. Finally, Automox Perks were designed as a way for managers to say thank you to their employees. Instead of a gift card or spot bonus, employees can use the funds how they wish. 

“Employees prefer to have money added to Benepass because it's permission to spend it on something that isn't utilities or groceries,” says Elspeth. “They can spend it on something for themselves.”

Why Benepass 

As Automox began its vendor search, Benepass’s user-friendly interface and VISA-based credit card were a clear win. “We wanted to have a way to reward employees monetarily that was administratively easy for us,” says Elspeth. “We weren't trying to keep track of gift cards or anything like that.” 

For Elspeth, one of the great things about working with Benepass has been the support system. “I don't have to go to some portal and create a ticket. It's just really convenient. The response time is always super fast,” says Elspeth. 

Today, the Automox team highly rates Benepass onboarding, training, support, program design capabilities, and employee engagement (5/5).