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Meet the Updated Benepass Employee Web App

Today we are excited to share the latest version of the Benepass employee web app!

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When we first launched the Benepass platform for employees, we focused on building a mobile-first app in order to give employees unprecedented visibility into their benefits, access to their virtual cards whenever they needed them, and a best-in-class mobile experience.

Being mobile first has served us well and we have thousands of people using our mobile app every day to make purchases, upload receipts, and manage their benefits. But there are some things that are easier to do on a desktop, so we always planned to enhance our web app.

Today we are excited to take that step with the latest version of the Benepass employee web app! We have completely transformed our web experience and we are excited for you to see it!

So what's changed?

New home page

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We have updated the look and feel of the home page to make it easier to navigate between your perks and pre-tax benefits. Now you can see all the transactions you've made under a particular benefit on the main page—no need to navigate.

On the right hand side of the screen you also have all your card details, which you can copy and paste easily while online shopping.

Lastly, on the home page you can see an overview of your spending and easily deduce if you are not taking advantage of all your benefits.


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We have also added a notifications center in which you can see any and all activity in your Benepass account. You will get a notification anytime a reimbursement was approved/denied or if a receipt is required by your employer during certain transactions.

New HSA Onboarding Dashboard (coming soon!)

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We have made it easier to set up your HSA with Benepass. You can complete enrollment in the web app and determine contribution amounts. Once enrolled you will be issued a virtual HSA card that will follow you even if you leave your current company.

New HSA Dashboard (coming soon!)

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We have also updated the HSA dashboard to give you a clearer picture of your contribution schedule, your HSA balance, and your YTD contributions. There is also a full transaction list in the right-hand column cutting down your time on auditing your HSA purchases.

We are really excited to be releasing the new web app to you today and look forward to hearing what you think!

Do you have a partner, friend or colleague who would be excited to get Benepass at their company? Let us know by emailing sales@getbenepass.com!

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Rob Marwanga

Head of Marketing

Rob is Head of Marketing at Benepass. He has years of experience in growth marketing for tech companies. He has an MBA from Kellogg and a BA from Dartmouth.

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