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Meet Our Updated Mobile App: An Upgrade to the Employee Experience

Here's how we're making it easier for employees to access and use their benefits

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Frustrated by using your benefits? 

So were we. 

At Benepass, we designed our platform to be an alternative to the clunky, confusing experience that has defined the process of accessing and using employee benefits. 

And now we’re excited to announce a redesign of our mobile app, which makes it easier for employees to explore their benefits, manage their accounts, and spend their funds. 

Mobile app redesign

What it is

With this update, we focused on improving visual design and structure to help employees navigate the app more intuitively. 

On the Home screen, employees will now find more information to help them get the most out of their benefits. Highlights include:

  • In-app notifications about new employer contributions
  • A more detailed recent transactions summary
  • In-app prompts when transactions require attention like uploading a receipt

From the Home screen, employees can also easily navigate to their accounts to see their benefits information and view cards associated with their pre-tax and perks programs. 

Why we did it

We often hear from our users about how challenging it is to use traditional benefits platforms and get their questions answered. Clunky user interfaces with 50-page-long policies riddled with industry jargon just make it hard. 

But it shouldn’t be hard to use your benefits. It should be easy. So we’ve updated our mobile app to make it easier to view your benefits, understand your policies, and spend your benefits in the way that’s best for you — whether a physical card, a virtual card, or via expensing. 

We want to give employees a delightful experience when they use their benefits. We’re proud that the companies using Benepass see average engagement rates of over 85% today. And we’re continuing to look for ways to further improve our UI and remove the roadblocks that prevent employees from getting the most out of their benefits.  

Explore the app

To explore the new app, update your mobile app on the App Store or Google Play Store. If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to our team. If you’re an HR leader interested in learning more about how Benepass works, contact us here or at sales@getbenepass.com

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Esme Lutz

Director of Product

Esme (she/her) is Director of Product at Benepass. She has an MBA from the Haas School of Business.

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