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Introducing Reimbursement Payouts: A New Hub for More Insight Into Your Expenses

Get more visibility into the status of your reimbursements, from approval to when the money is sent to your bank account. 

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Waiting for a reimbursement payout to hit your bank account feels a little like waiting for a package to arrive at your door after ordering something online, doesn’t it? Just as you might check your tracking number or mailbox daily, maybe you find yourself refreshing your Benepass app or checking your bank account frequently after uploading an expense for reimbursement. 

We get what that feels like, and we know that getting paid back quickly and efficiently is your top priority. It’s ours, too. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Reimbursement Payouts page, an in-app hub designed to give you more insight during the waiting process. The update is available now on the web app and coming soon to mobile. 

Here’s how it works. 

An end-to-end view of your reimbursements  

The new page provides more visibility into the status of your reimbursements, from when your expense is approved to when the money is sent to your bank account. 

You’ll see a consolidated view of your approved expenses and pending payout balances, and you can click on each transaction for more details. When you do that, you’ll see the real-time status of payments made to your bank and get an estimate of when the funds will arrive. 

The new Reimbursement Payouts page also provides more information about common bank linking issues that delay payments. You’re able to troubleshoot those issues and link your bank account directly from the page. 

Explore the update 

We’re so excited about this update and hope it makes the burden of waiting to be paid back less stressful. Log in now to check it out.   

Have questions about the new Reimbursement Payouts page? Reach out to support@getbenepass.com. If you’re an HR leader interested in learning more about how Benepass works, contact sales@getbenepass.com or book a demo

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