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Beneperson of the Month: A Q&A With Operations Associate Grace Lutz

Get to know Grace and learn more about her work at Benepass in our Q&A below.

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At Benepass, our cultural values define who we are and how we work. Beneperson of the Month is a peer-nominated recognition program that highlights exceptional individuals who embody our values in impactful ways.

Our Beneperson of the Month for June is Grace Lutz, Operations Associate on the Customer Experience (CX) team! Our CX team is responsible for helping our users solve complex problems while providing a white glove experience. Get to know Grace and learn more about her work at Benepass in our Q&A below.

What made you want to work at Benepass? 

Prior to joining Benepass, I spent two and a half years opening and running a café. When I was making the decision to pursue a new role, I knew that I wanted to find the same kind of dedication, teamwork, and fun that comes with building something new. After meeting with a few members of the team, I knew I was going to find the same energy and drive at Benepass, not to mention the chance to help create a meaningful and impactful product.

What aspect of your role as Operations Associate do you enjoy most?

I get to work directly with HR admins and People teams who oversee these programs, as well as the employees who enjoy them! Seeing all the ways people interact with our product and use their Benepass benefits gives me endless ideas for how we can continue to grow and improve. It’s exciting to see the impact my day-to-day work and long-term projects have on the real-time needs of our users. 

Walk us through a typical work day.

I usually start my day by checking on any new inquiries or messages from employees or HR admins. Most of my day is spent directly supporting their needs, which can include anything from setting up new programs to helping an employee understand how to use their benefits. Each month, our team sets independent project goals, which I work on intermittently throughout the day. This month, I’m working on identifying our most common questions and ensuring the documentation in place sufficiently outlines those policies or procedures. Working remotely means I keep in touch with the rest of my team via Slack, answering questions or checking in on projects. Once I finish up my project work for the day, I check back in for any new messages that might have come through before wrapping up the day.

What is your favorite thing about working at Benepass?

I’ve loved having the opportunity to work fully remotely! Benepass made it easy for me to set up my home office when I started, and I’ve been able to find a really healthy work life balance. The 10-foot commute to my home office gives me enough space and time to focus on my work, while giving me the opportunity to take my dog for a walk or make myself a fresh lunch without missing a stride.

What is the most important thing you have learned in your role?

The value of detailed and thorough documentations with an ownership structure. As a small and growing company, our most valuable resource is often the knowledge that lives within each of our brains, acquired through our time and experience working here. By capturing this wisdom, and keeping it up to date, we make it that much easier to train new team members and ensure that nothing gets lost in the mix.

What Benepass value means most to you?

Seeking joy! Not only do I think that Benepass exemplifies this value within our team culture, but it’s a meaningful guiding principle that I apply to my daily work. It reminds me to prioritize finding the bright side, even on the busiest days.

How would you describe Benepass in three words?

Considerate, energetic, driven.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Living in Philly and working remotely has afforded me the opportunity to build and care for a small backyard garden. Everything from flowers and fruits to herbs and vegetables — I’ve crammed as much into my back patio as possible. It’s a terrible investment (if I did the math, I bet each of my cherry tomatoes would run me about a dollar a piece) but it brings me so much happiness to be able to whip up a meal using the fruits of my labor, pun very much intended.

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