Wix has partnered with Benepass to offer you a Food, Meals, Nutrition, and Pet Care allowance!
Food, Meals, Nutrition, Pet Care
$220 USD bi-weekly

Eligible expenses include:


Dine-in, take-out or delivery

Delivery Services

DoorDash, Seamless, etc.


In-store or delivery


Vets, Pet Food, Pet Supplies, Pet Sitting
Within these categories, you choose where to spend!

Here's what you need to know:

How to get started:

1. Download the app
2. Log in securely via SSO using your Wix email.
3. On the home screen, click on the virtual card to see all of its details and use those details to order eligible items online
4. To use your virtual card in person, scroll to the bottom and click'Add to Apple/Google/Samsung Pay' and connect your card.
5. Once connected, use your card where touchless payment methods are accepted!
Note: be careful with setting your Benepass card as a default payment method.
Enjoy your allowance!

Still want physical plastic?

We understand not all stores accept touchless payment, if you are located in the US, you can order a physical card by following these steps:
  1. Open your Benepass mobile app.
  2. Tap on the virtual card on your Home Screen.
  3. Swipe right on the virtual card details.
  4. Click "Request a physical card" and enter your shipping details.
  5. You should receive your card in the mail within 10 business days.

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up?
Your account has already been created! Download the Benepass app and login with your Wix email to get started. For new hires, your account is automatically created within 5 business days of your start date. You should have received an email at your Wix email inviting you to download the app.
Do I need to upload a receipt?
For the Food & Meals allowance, you are not required to upload receipts for purchases you make directly with the Benepass card.
What if I want to spend more than my available balance?
Your card will decline if you attempt to spend more than your available balance.
My payment was declined. Why?
Go to the "Transactions" tab of your mobile app to find your transaction. It will describe the reason for the decline.

For security reasons, your card may have declined due to:
Incorrect billing address. Make sure you're using the right billing address as listed in your mobile app!
Insufficient balance. Your card has insufficient benefit balances.
Incorrect card details, such as expiration or CVV.
Ineligible merchant. Your company's benefits policy does not permit that type of merchant.

We understand declines can be frustrating. Please email support@getbenepass.com if you believe your card declined in error.
How do I check my balance?
Your Benepass app has all the balance details.
How do I add the card to Apple or Google Pay?
Tap the card image on the Home Screen. Then scroll to the bottom, where you should see a button that says "Add to [Apple or Google] Wallet"
Do I need to wait to get my physical card in the mail to use the allowance?
No, you can use your benefit right now with your virtual card! Tap on the card image on the Home Screen to see the card details. Buying something in person? You can add your card to your mobile wallet for contactless payment.
Is there an option to add a credit card for overage spend?
While we hope to have an option at some point, we do not currently have a timeline to release this feature. Luckily, up to $30 of unused funds will rollover into the next cycle so you can use all of it!
Is there a desktop version of the app that I can use?
How do I contact Benepass support?
You can contact support through your app or via email at support@getbenepass.com.
How do I get my local restaurant/store/farmers market added as an approved vendor?
It should already be approved based on the merchant code, but if you have trouble you should contact Benepass support. You will get a response within 24 hours M-F, however depending on the situation adding a vendor to the whitelist could take longer.
Am I able to tip at a restaurant? How would that work?
Yes! It is the same as any transaction except we cannot control when the restaurant processes the transaction, so you won’t see the tip taken from your balance until the restaurant processes the tip (same as it works with a personal debit/credit card).
Can we use this for meal service kits like Blue Apron?
Yes that is approved! If your card declines for some reason, please contact Benepass support to make sure your vendor is added to our whitelist.
When I request a physical card, will it have the same number as my digital card?
No, the physical card will be different for security reasons.
SSO is not working on my Android device. How should I login?
1. Enter your work email registered with Benepass and add ### to the end of your email.  For example, jane@getbenepass.com###.
2. You should receive an email with a 6-digit code sent to your work email address.
3. Enter the 6-digit code onto the next screen.
For Google Pay does the credit card have to be under your work profile?
No, please add it to your personal Google pay account.
I’m a non-exempt employee and sometimes I’m asked to work on holidays or I’m a night/weekend shift employee that still works 5 days on holiday weeks. Will I still get an allowance for the extra day(s)?
Yes! You will get the allowance for any day that you worked over 4 hours ($22/day) however it will be added onto a future cycle. You'll receive an email about this allowance for your extra day(s) when it has been dispersed to your account after the holidays.
Does Benepass work outside of the country if you are working remotely? Are there international fees?
Yes, it works like a regular Visa card as long as the vendor is registered as a food or grocery vendor. Currently Benepass is covering the international fees.
Do I have to update the billing address, and if so, should I enter my office address or my personal address?
The card will have a default address (which you can see by clicking on the card in your app), but you can change it to your personal address or your local office address in the app if you choose. You do not have to change the billing address if you don’t want to.
Do I have to add my work email onto my phone in order to use the App?
You do have to use your work email and password to log into Benepass, but you do not have to add an email app to your phone or log into your email. You are also welcome to use the desktop app to log in if you prefer.
Can I add my Benepass card to multiple phones with Apple Pay?
Yes this is possible.
If my Benepass card gets declined what happens?
The card should work at any restaurant so long as you have sufficient balance available. If your card is declined for some reason, please contact Benepass support (support@getbenepass.com) to make sure the vendor is added to our whitelist.
How do refunds work?
On occasion you may have an issue with a purchase and a vendor may decide to refund your charge. Once processed, your refund will flow back onto your Benepass card and increase your spend limit.

It typically takes 3-5 days for the refund to be processed over the card networks and hit your account. If you don't see your refund in your account within five days, please reach out to support@getbenepass.com and we can look into this on our end.

Note that in some cases this may mean that a purchase in today's spend period might be refunded next period, increasing your possible spend in a future period.
What is allowed for nutrition spending?
Nutrition spending includes the following subcategories:
- Vitamins and supplements
- Nutritionists
- Healthy Eating [meal delivery, nutritional coaching, weight loss, grocery stores]

Example nutrition merchants:
- Noom, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Optimum Nutrition, Daily Harvest, Whole Foods, Hello Fresh, Nutrisystem, Daily Gem, Ritual

If you have any issues using your card for a purchase you believe should be approved based on the categories detailed above, please reach out to support@getbenepass.com.
What is allowed for pet care spending?
Pet care includes the following sub-categories:
- Veterinary services
- Pet care / pet sitting
- Pet foodPet supplies [pet equipment, pet accessories, pet clothing]

Example allowed merchants:
- Chewy, PetMeds, PetCo, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, The Farmers Dog, Ollie, Spot and Tango, Baxter Boo, Woof Apparel

If you have any issues using your card for a purchase you believe should be approved based on the categories detailed above, please reach out to support@getbenepass.com.
Questions with the app? We're happy to help! Email us at support@getbenepass.com.