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Working From Home during COVID-19

As companies around the world transition to remote work, more and more employers are introducing work from home stipends to help make their employee’s transition to remote work smoother. By subsidizing things like office equipment and internet service, employers can help employees upgrade their makeshift home offices, so they can remain productive until we all head back to the office. 

Learn more about potential tax savings specific to COVID-19.

Companies set stipends and determine permissible spending.
This may include: 

  • Home internet

  • Ergonomic furniture such as desk and chair

  • Electronics such as headphones, monitors, and printers

  • and more!

How it works

The stipend is available for spending on the Benepass card, alongside the employees' other benefits. Employees choose their preferred products and service providers and track spending and balances on the Benepass mobile app.

Benepass tracks and validates spending per company policies. We'll ensure IRS compliance and work with you to determine tax implications.

Show your remote employees that you care.

Out of sight, but not out of mind. Work from home stipends show your remote employees they are a valuable member of your team and you appreciate their many contributions. Since they miss out on in-office perks, your remote employees can use the stipend to buy their own work perks—coffee, healthy snacks, you name it! 

Let employees choose how to spend their money.

No one knows what your employees need better than they do. A work from home stipend empowers them to customize their home office set up with the equipment they need to be successful—whether that’s in the form of an ergonomic chair for a bad back or an office plant to brighten up their space.

All on one card

Your employees can use their physical or virtual Benepass card to pay directly for work from home expenses. Plus, our user-friendly mobile app lets them check remaining balances and eligible merchants on the go. 

Key considerations for WFH stipends

Work-from-home basics:

  • Sit/stand desk

  • Comfortable chair

  • Back pads

  • Standing pads

  • Monitor

  • Keyboard and mouse

  • Headphones

  • Video cameras

  • WiFi

  • Cell phone

Give your employees an extra boost:

  • House cleaning

  • Childcare

  • Grocery and/or meal delivery

  • Healthy lunch delivery

  • Snack and/or coffee budgets

  • Virtual BYOB happy hour

  • Meditation and mental health

Other considerations:


Which benefits are one-time for set-up (e.g. purchase of computer monitor), and which are recurring?


​In California, you may be required to pay for certain WFH expenses for your employees if it is a required aspect of completing their duties.

You may also be required to report this fringe benefit as taxable wages.


How will you track spending and remit payment to your employees?

Email and we'll walk you through setting up your WFH benefit!

Benefits of work-from-home stipends

 Sprinkle some joy for your team

✓ Show your remote employees you appreciate them 
Increase productivity with the right equipment
Attract and retain remote talent
Increase employee loyalty

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You can also offer wellness benefits on Benepass!

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