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Do Your Employees Have the Benefits They Need? Use This Survey to Find Out:

We all know that a robust benefits package is more than a luxury: in fact, for businesses looking to attract top talent, good benefits are a necessity.

But how do you know whether your employees are satisfied with the benefits you’re offering?

The solution is as obvious as it is simple: just ask them! Employee engagement can be a difficult metric to measure at the best of times, but with the professional landscape shifting as rapidly as it has in 2020, it is essential to be aware of what’s working for your employees, and what’s not. Plenty of professional service organizations have already published illuminating surveys on work life in the world of COVID — like the examples here and here.

Surveying your employees will not only demonstrate a desire to know what’s going on with them, but will also provide both quantitative and qualitative metrics that will help you adapt your approach to their changing needs. Here’s how we can help:

How to Use Our Template

We know it can be difficult to design your own survey — that’s why we’ve taken the liberty of designing this easy-to-use template (also available here).

As we mention in our template, you can use this survey to find out:

  • Which benefits are the most important to your employees

  • How your benefits program compares to other companies

  • Which new benefits you may want to consider offering

Additionally, if you click the first link, we provide some guidance on how to communicate with employees around the survey, what kind of timeline to set up, and what metrics you should be looking for when it comes to analyzing your survey results.

We understand that employers are struggling just as much as employees to adjust to the brave new world of coronavirus — and we’re right there with you! If you have questions about how to improve employee morale by building better benefits, feel free to reach out to us at support@getbenepass.com.


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