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5 Ways to Facilitate Employee Fitness While Working From Home

As we’ve mentioned time and again, months of unexpected working from home have taken their toll — and not just on your employees' mental health.

Although many employers offer gym memberships and reimbursement for certain fitness-related activities for their employees, it is difficult (if not impossible!) for many employees to continue taking advantage of their fitness-related benefits in the current climate. Even if the gyms in your city or state are open, prohibitive factors — such as distance, or fear for safety —might make it difficult for employees to get in their much-needed exercise.

So how can you support your employees in maintaining their physical (and simultaneously mental) health? Below are a few simple suggestions.

1. Offer Access to Online Fitness

We’re well ensconced in the brave new world of the digital age — so why not bring your fitness offerings into the 21st century?

Between all-in-one online providers like Daily Burn and Obé and niche, buzzy workouts like The Class, there are plenty of options to choose from — not to mention all the fantastic apps out there! Do a little shopping and find an option that will suit your employees’ lifestyles and spaces. If you offer gym memberships/access, don’t forget to check with your gym first to see what their online offerings look like.

2. Provide Basic Fitness Equipment

Unfortunately, not everyone has the right tools to get their sweat on while working from home. So if you want to go above and beyond, providing employees with a few basics (like dumbbells or resistance bands) is a good place to start.

You might also consider offering a stipend for fitness-related purchases — that way, employees can spend the money on gear they’ll actually use!

3. Create a Conversation

We’ve talked before about how important it is to create opportunities for communication when you’re working remotely.

So whether your employees use Slack, Google Hangout, or good old fashioned email, encourage them to create a space where they can talk about all things wellness. Whether that translates into fitness or mental health is up to them: the point is, you got them talking.

4. Keep up With the Competition

A little (healthy) competition never hurt anybody — so why not encourage your employees to keep up there fitness by encouraging challenges between colleagues? This could be as simple as seeing who can walk the most steps in a week, and as silly as a push-up competition: the point is, it will keep people moving, and even better, it will foster a sense of community, even outside of the office.

5. Create Opportunities For Better Choices

Of course, your employees don’t expect you to facilitate every aspect of their fitness journey. But if you want to give employees a chance to blow off some steam, building a little time into the day doesn’t help.

What that looks like — maybe allowing employees a slightly longer lunch, or encouraging employees to do online workouts together — will differ from company to company. But it’s more important to get up, out, and moving now than ever, so make sure you’re giving your employees not just the tools, but the time to stay healthy.

Want to know how you can improve employee benefits while cutting down on HR paperwork? We’re happy to help! Reach out to us at support@getbenepass.com.


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