• Sasha Kudler

4 Perks That Have Helped Employees Survive 2020

Free snacks. Onsite Laundry. Complimentary breakfast. There are plenty of employee perks that didn’t make it into 2020 — mostly because we weren’t in the office to enjoy them.

But just because your employees can’t enjoy their usual benefits doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for 2021. According to a recent PFG survey of 500+ companies, 71% of companies have added some type of employee perk since March. That’s a significant number, even in a booming benefits market.

So what can you give your employees to make up for all the benefits they’ve been missing? Below are four basic benefits that have helped our clients through an unpredictable year.

1. Childcare Assistance

Although childcare has long been a popular employee perk, 2020 has forced us all to reconsider just how flexible our childcare benefits can be. After all, with our circumstances changing for one week to the next, a one-size-fits-all solution just won’t cut it anymore.

Instead, we’ve leaned into a wide range of parental benefits, childcare support & children’s activities, including everything from online classes to educational games to one-on-one tutoring. What the specific benefit is will vary from company to company — just make sure it’s flexible enough to help all your employees, not just a select few!

2. Health and Wellness

It’s no secret that this year has been a taxing one for all of us. While health and wellness perks like office yoga were popular in pre-corona times, a little creativity is required to keep the mental health perks coming.

There’s really no wrong answer to this one — meditation apps, access to therapists, and wellness stipends can all be great solutions, depending on your employees’ needs. Some companies like T-Mobile are even offering 5 free sessions with personal counselors, life coaches, or money experts. Whatever you choose, just make sure your employees know that their mental health is your priority.

3. Home Office Stipends

Think about it: you’ve spent so much time and money on curating your office for employee comfort and productivity. If they can’t come in, shouldn’t they be as comfortable and productive working in their own homes?

Whether you take advantage of Section 139 or pay out of pocket, home office stipends are an absolute must for your newly work-from-home employees, especially if you’ve yet to offer one.

4. Food Stipends

Food-related perks are a popular office go-to for a reason: everyone loves free food. But when your employees are stuck at home, it’s hard for them to raid the office pantry.

There’s no shortage of great options here — whether you give your employees a stipend to help pay for their favorite food delivery, or you send a care package with a few office favorites, the way to your employees’ hearts really might be through their stomachs.

Struggling to get next year’s benefits together? We’d love to help! Reach out to us at support@getbenepass.com.


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