Tax-Advantaged Savings with Benepass.

Stretch your paycheck further with pre-tax benefits. When it's time to use your funds, just swipe your Benepass card.

What are pre-tax payroll deductions? 

How it works:

Set your deduction limits

Funds transfer directly to your Benepass card
on payday

Use your Benepass card on any eligible expenses

Pre-tax payroll deductions allow you to put pre-tax money from your paycheck towards medical and commuting costs. Reduce your taxable income while stretching your money further. 

Say you earn $1,000 and contribute $100 a paycheck into your health FSA.

Instead of paying taxes on your $1,000 of earnings, you now only pay taxes on $900 and you’ll have put $100 towards future expenses.


That’s double the savings!  

You can save up to $5,700 a year using pre-tax benefits, but how much you contribute is up to you. 

Estimate your savings

Use our calculator to see how much Benepass can save you!

How much do you spend on...?

Public Transit

Parking at work


Elderly care

Out of pocket medical:

Co-pays & deductibles

Dental care

Vision care

Prescription & OTC meds

Other medical

Your tax rate

Your annual savings!

Your company's annual savings!

per month

per month

per month

per month

per year

per year

per year

per year

per year

How do I spend my money? 

On payday, your funds are available instantly on your Benepass card. You can then use your Benepass card on eligible expenses—or use your personal card and apply for reimbursement via the Benepass app. 

Benepass card and mobile app features

Easily update and change elections

Check eligible merchants

Receive notifications of new benefit eligibility

✓ Track spending and view remaining balances

What about company-funded stipends? 

Any company-funded stipends will load directly onto your Benepass debit card. The amount and frequency of these payments are set by your company.

How it works:

Your company sets the frequency and amount of each stipend

Funds transfer directly to your Benepass card

You can use your Benepass card on any eligible expenses

Your paycheck reflects any payroll taxes, if applicable

Need help?

You can always check benefit eligibility and remaining balances via the Benepass mobile app. Or, if you have any questions on company-funded stipends, reach out to your HR team or email us at

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