Benepass is a benefit that delights.

Give your employees the ultimate passport to all their benefits — on a single card + mobile app.

Customize your company's benefits stack

Whether you're a team of 10 or 1,000, your employees all have different preferences.

Give them what they need with pre-tax benefits and what they want with company-funded stipends.

You set the benefit policy.

Employees choose their preferred provider.

Benepass handles all the admin.



Transit & Parking


Dependent Care

Student Debt Repayment


Professional Development


Insights on demand

Get real-time metrics on employee engagement and utilization. See the benefits that are a hit with your team and the ones where you should repurpose your budget.

Spending data can be broken down by benefit, geography, and department down to the transaction level.**

With Benepass, it's easy to adapt to your employees' changing needs when you're equipped with the relevant data.

** where not prohibited by HIPAA.

Payroll & tax, automated

We connect to your payroll system to ensure payroll & tax compliance.

Setting up Benepass only takes 15 minutes and requires no ongoing administrative work so you can focus on more strategic work.


No antiquated EDI files, large CSVs, or punching numbers into payroll.

... and more!

A helpful human you can call!

Not another 1-800 number

No ones likes listening to elevator music or hearing “hold, please.” 


Employees can get help in-app, chat us online, or email us. And you as the admin can always call your dedicated account manager.

Our team takes less than 48 hours on average to answer questions and resolve issues.

And, we promise — no faxing.


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