Dependent Care FSA

Help your employees afford the best care for their loved ones.

A dependent care flexible spending account ("DCFSA") is a pre-tax benefit that helps pay for preschool, child or adult daycare, before and after school programs, and even summer camps. They’re a smart, simple way to let your employees put pre-tax money toward child or elder care, so they can go to work knowing their loved ones are safe and cared for.


Not only do DCFSAs save employees on income taxes, but they also save your company big on payroll taxes.


Sound like a win-win? Take a look at why top companies choose Benepass to administer their DCFSAs.

Employees can elect up to $5,000 per year in pre-tax money for eligible childcare and adult care expenses.

How it works

The election is deducted from their biweekly or semimonthly paycheck ratably throughout the year. Elections can be changed mid-year if dependents and care costs change.

Benepass tracks and validates spending and tracks receipts per IRS rules.

We'll help them find care.

The Benepass mobile app links to thousands of licensed providers for daycare, preschools, babysitting services, and backup childcare.

Attract the best talent and retain top performers.

U.S. companies lose an estimated $4.4 billion a year due to childcare-related absenteeism. Employees can rest assured that their dependents have access to quality care, allowing them to be less stressed and more present at work. 

Help employees afford the best care

Childcare costs range from $4,000 to $25,000 per year based on the state. DCFSAs help your employees afford reliable, quality care by stretching their dollars further.

Dependent care FSAs with Benepass

Convenient, hassle-free payment.

Preschool and nursery

Before and after school programs

 Nanny and au pair services

Day summer camps

Elderly care

 Transportation and registration fees

Are you compliant with local commuting regulations?

Benepass also offers Public Transit and Parking benefits!

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Employees save on income taxes, and your company saves on payroll taxes. Or it's free!

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