Commuting to work can be time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be costly. 

Help employees cut the costs of commuting to work by offering pre-tax commuter benefits. 


Benepass partners with your payroll provider to seamlessly deduct pre-tax funds from employee paychecks so your employees can keep more of what they earn and your business can save on payroll taxes. Your company can also elect to fund the benefit by sending a fixed amount to an employee’s Benepass card every month or pay cycle.


With just a swipe of their physical or virtual Benepass card, your employees can save money every time they commute to and from the office. 

Employees can elect up to $270 per month in pre-tax money for public transit and parking.

How it works

The election is deducted at the beginning of each month from their paycheck and is available immediately for spending on Benepass cards. Deductions can change month to month.

Benepass tracks and validates spending and tracks receipts per IRS rules.

Save your employees money, however they commute

Public Transit

Help employees go green and save money. Commuter benefits can be used on individual fares and monthly passes for subways, buses, ferries, trains, and trams.


Pre-tax commuter benefits can help employees pay for parking lots, garages, and meters.

Your employees can use up to $540 per month on commuter benefits, resulting in up to $1,900 per year in tax savings!

Put your employees first, while remaining compliant

Commuter benefits aren’t just a nice-to-have perk. Some cities and states require certain employers to offer the tax-advantaged benefit to their employees. While New Jersey is currently the only state with the requirement, New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco Area, and Seattle have introduced their own ordinances. 

Stay ahead of legislative changes in your area by offering commuter benefits at your organization.

Get started with Benepass at $0 incremental cost!

Employees save on income taxes, and your company saves on payroll taxes. Or it's free!

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