Work from home benefits for all

Support employees with work from home benefits

Make it easier to work from home

Many companies have moved to remote first or hybrid work policies and now need to support their employees working from home. This has meant more receipt tracking and reimbursements for People teams, IT teams, and Finance teams as they try to equip

employees around the globe for success. Benepass can help you build a work from home program that allows employees to set themselves up for a better remote work experience with:

Furniture– Chairs, desks, laptop stands
Wifi and Cellphone
Technology– Monitors, keyboards, headphones, headsets
Co-working space stipends

You define the policy, Benepass enables it

We work with People teams to define what qualifies under your company's work from home benefit, however broad or narrow you like, and we code that policy into the

Benepass platform. All employees are issued a Benepass card with the rules programmed on the card.

Automatic approval or denial of transaction at point of sale
Automatic transaction classification upon spending
Receipt tracking and approval if required
Reporting on how employees are spending their Work from Home funds

Work from home benefits with less administrative burden and at a lower cost

Administering work from home benefits oftentimes means checking receipts and/or dealing with multiple vendors. We can help you build a best-in class work from home program that your employees will love, will work for your international team, will cost your organization less, and will take less of your time.

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