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One-size-fits-all employee benefits don’t work for today’s global workforce. Give your employees flex benefits that adapt to their lifestyles.

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Go from one-size-fits-none to flexible benefit options for everyone

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100,000+ employees from top companies supported on Benepass

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Build a flexible

wellness program

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lifestyle spending account

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rewards and recognition program

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with Benepass

Design the personalized, global employee benefits programs you need to attract and retain talent. Start small with any program, then scale over time to meet new employee needs.

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Meet your employees where they are

Engage today’s workforce with more personalized core benefits

Make the most of your budget
Extend the value of your benefits by giving employees more spending options without increasing budget.
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Increase benefits utilization
Flexible programs see engagement rates of over 85% compared to 15% or less with traditional programs.
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Meet employees where they are
Cater to every employee’s definition of wellness by giving employees more freedom over how they spend their benefits.
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Recruit & retain diverse talent
Provide benefits packages that attract today’s increasingly diverse, global, and distributed workforce.
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Streamline benefits management
Simplify benefits administration by moving from point solutions to one platform capable of consolidating pre-tax and perks programs.
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Live out your company values
Live out your company's DEI and corporate values through flexible benefits that support every employee's unique lifestyle.
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The Benepass difference

An employee benefits platform designed for companies that
prioritize the employee experience


An icon of a waller that represents global parity
Global parity: Our users have spent in over 200 countries.
An illustration of cogs on a digital background representing a sophisticated financial technology
Sophisticated financial technology: Design a customized benefits program you can set and forget.
An illustration of a graph representing real time metrics
Real-time metrics: Use engagement data to optimize your benefits programs.
An icon of a lightbulb on a cloud representing an automated enrolment
Automated enrollment and compliance: Our platform connects directly with your payroll or HRIS.


An icon of a card representing one card leading to infinite possibilities
One card, infinite possibilities: Give employees more spending options with our card-first technology.
An icon of a monitor with a checked list representing multiple ways of spending
Multiple ways of spending: Employees receive physical and virtual cards, along with a mobile wallet.
An icon of a person putting in the final piece of a jigsaw in representing being fully customisable
Fully customizable: Design a benefits program that meets your company’s unique requirements.
An icon of a bullseye representing being easy to adapt
Easy to adapt: Easily adjust your benefits programs to provide more value over time.


An icon of two people representing high employee engagement
High employee engagement: See engagement rates of over 85% versus 15% or less with point solutions.
An icon of a cog representing automated communications
Automated communications: Employees receive regular updates to improve engagement.
An icon of mobile phone with a check mark on it representing intuitive employee experience
Intuitive employee experience: Employees can easily understand their benefits and track spending.
An icon of a rocket representing an unlimited number of vendors
An unlimited number of vendors: Employees have more power to tailor their benefits.

Why our customers love Benepass

“Moderna recognizes that our employees have unique needs, and what is needed to support well-being can vary widely from employee to employee and even month to month… With Benepass, there aren’t any boundaries or barriers to how we structure the program or what we allow as an eligible expense.”


Benefits Manager

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As soon as we moved to Benepass, we saw a dramatic increase in the utilization rate to over 90%. I think that the way the platform is designed allows the team to really respond and react quickly, giving us the flexibility and scalability we desired in a vendor.
Picture of Noam Bacharach - Head of U.S. Operations and Workplace Experience at Wix

Noam Bacharach

Head of U.S. Operations and Workplace Experience

From an employee experience standpoint, having visibility into the perks that are available and being able to understand how to best utilize their benefits improves engagement. The kind of flexibility Benepass offers gives employees the ability to spend money on the things that make sense to them, in the way that makes sense to them.
Picture of Erica Raphael - VP of People at Muck Rack

Erica Raphael

VP of People

We wanted something open to everybody and where people could choose what they needed and what they wanted. Benepass has allowed us to offer a really big benefit to people with minimal lift on our team’s part.
Katie Graham - Chief Strategy Officer at The Community Group

Katie Graham

Chief Strategy Officer

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